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What if  i have questions about your product?

Please contact us online, or call as at Whatsapp: +62 813-2561-3525.

How long does the production process take?

Production and delivery time varies depending on the item(s) ordered,

your customization options and your location. We always aim to deliver

within 4 weeks from the date of your order.

How can i view the actual items?

The showroom will be coming soon. For new updates please follow our instagram.

Do you offer warranty for your products?

Yes, we generally offer 5 months warranty for all products. The Service of the products is free

but cost of the shipment accounted on customer.

Can i order the product according to my wishes or design?

Do give us more details especially the dimensions required so that our

sales consultants are able to advise you accordingly.

Can i just buy 1 unit of your products?

There is no MOQ required for shipments within Indonesia. Apart from the region of the country

there is a required MOQ.Please check order and payment options for further details.

How i can check your quality before i decided to purchase from you?

You can order sample which can be dispatch to you, at your cost via courier such as FADEX, DHL, and others.

Does the product price include shipping costs?

Product prices do not include shipping costs.

For shipping costs, adjust the delivery area and product quantity.


Are all of your products in your catalog ready stock?

All of our product are made by order.

Do you provide a catalog for carving products / furniture?

yes, the catalog that we use is from katalog pesona meubel MPB 2007 JEPARA.

Order & Payments

How to order at TocoTeak?

Choose the product you want to buy, then screen capture the product and send it to our contact.

Or you can order by whatsapp.

How do I know my order is confirmed? Is there a down payment?

Usually, your "customization" or "special order" is confirmed only by full payment or deposit payment

(50% minimum required) and is settled upon delivery.

What are the payment options accepted on TocoTeak?

We currently accept any credit or debit card with a MasterCard, Visa, Dana, and cash on delivery.

Other Questions

How are the Customization process at TocoTeak?

Step 1


Step 2

"On Site Measuremenet"

Step 3

"Design & Drawings"

Step 4

"Finished Confirmation"

Step 5


Step 6

"On-line Inspection"

Step 7

"Finished Products Inspection"

Step 8


Step 9

"Shipping or Delivery"

Step 10

"After Sales Service"

Does someone need to be home to accept delivery?

Yes. It is necessary for someone to be available to accept delivery as we use a secure courier

who requires a signature as proof of receipt. Furthermore, our carriers provide a door-to-door service,

which does not include carrying the items inside, carrying items up stairs, placement, or removal of packaging.

If your order includes larger items or you are not comfortable carrying your items, we suggest having an additional

person to assist with the placement of your items inside.

My items haven’t arrived yet. What can I do?

Please allow up to 1 week from the day you receive confirmation of delivery of your order.

For any additional concerns, please feel free to contact us.

How is the shipping term?

We only do the shipping term in FOB process.

Whether the result of the custom furnitures can be able to similar as the customer’s expectation?

You do not have to worry if the results will not satisfactory, you will receive a photo/image report

completely during the production process. The report progress will clearly from the beginning

process until the products are ready to deliver.

what offer does Toco Teak give to customers?

You will get the best deal of the price, because the price depends of the classification of the material and

you decided the price with the material based on the classification.

  • Teak Wood Grade A
  • Teak Wood Grade C
  • Mahogany Grade A
  • Mahogany Grade C
  • Plywood / MDF (Multiplex)
  • Metal / Stainless Steels


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